This is the project site for my weather measurement outputs. Please see below for data from several projects.

A mock sun, captured in North Yorkshire

On the right of the picture is a sun dog, captured in Staithes, near Whitby in North Yorkshire

Weather Station

At the moment all the measurements here come from or are derived from the Maplin WH1080 weather station I am running.

48 Hour Meteogram

Here is a basic meteogram of the last 48 hours of station data showing air temperature, pressure at station, precipitation, relative humidity and wind speed and direction.


Latest Station Data

Below is the last 12 hours of station data.

Date / Time (UTC) Air temp (°C) Dew point (°C) Humidity (%) Air pressure (mb) Trend Wind speed (m/s) Wind gust (m/s) Wind direction Rainfall (mm) Cumulative Rainfall (mm/24H) Wind chill (°C) Feels like (°C)


Soil Temperature

See all the latest soil temperature readings here. For more about the project itself, read all about it here on my main site.

Latest Soil Data

Below is the last 12 hours of soil data.

Date / Time (UTC) Air temp (°C) 0.15m soil (°C) 0.3m soil (°C) 1m soil (°C) Grass temp (°C) Concrete temp (°C)


Latest Satellite Images

Below are the latest satellite images downloaded from the Met Office API. These are updated every three hours. There is more information and an entire 24 hour history here.

Visible satellite image (only during daylight hours).

Infrared satellite image.


Main Site

For further information about me, my projects and I, take a look at the main site.