Soil Temperature

Below is a series of graphs based on data from my Soil Temperature Project.

Soil Temperatures at Different Levels

Soil temperatures taken at 10cm, 30cm and 100cm every 15 minutes, compared against the station air temperature.


Air Temperature

The air temperature graph is featured here in order to give a comparison for the soil temperature and grass and concrete temperature graphs.


Grass and Concrete Temperatures

As an aside to the main project, I also took the opportunity to measure grass and concrete surface temperatures.

All Temperature Measurements

A general graph of grass and concrete temperatures, sampled every 15 minutes.


Grass and Dew Point Temperature Measurements

A comparison graph of grass and dew point temperatures, sampled every 15 minutes.


Grass & Concrete Minimums - Last 4 Weeks

A graph of minimum grass and concrete temperatures in order to get an insight to when frosty and icy conditions might have occurred. Days on the graph represent a meteorological day - a 24 hour period ending at 09:00 UTC. Updated every day just after 09:00 UTC.