Station Measurements

Below is a series of measurements provided by my Maplin WH1080 weather station. All systems operate in the UTC time zone.

Air Measurements

Air Temperature

Air temperature and derived dew point temperature.


For those who are interested, the code sample here shows how the dew point temperature is derived in the above graph.

Relative Humidity

Relative humidity at station, measured every 15 minutes.


Air Pressure

Absolute and Mean Sea Level air pressure at station, nightly calibrated against EGNJ. Check out the code that fetches the calibration figure if you are so inclined.


Rainfall Measurements

Rainfall Rate

Rainfall rate at station, measured every 15 minutes.


Rainfall Accumulation

Rainfall accumulation at station, measured every 15 minutes. Collated over a 24 hour period, midnight to midnight.


Wind Measurements

Wind Roses

Average wind and gust direction at station - last 24 hours. These are generated once a day at 09:00.


Wind Strength

Average and gust wind speeds measured every 15 minutes. Alternating coloured Y-axis plot bands show the Beaufort Wind Force Scale description and number in brackets.


Wind Direction

Wind bearing measured every 15 minutes.


Derived Temperatures

These temperature measurements are derived from other station measurements, such as air temperature, wind strength and relative humidity

Freezing Altitude

Calculated altitude at which the air temperature is at 0°C, every 15 minutes. This is based on an international standard atmoshpere (ISA) as defined by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Just as a disclaimer; temperature in the real atmosphere does not fall at a uniform rate with altitude so please treat the graph below with a pinch of salt - it is just a bit of fun!


Should you wish to satisfy your curiosity, the code sample on this page shows how I calculate the values in the graph above.

Wind Chill

Calculated wind chill temperature versus external air temperature, measured every 15 minutes.


Feels Like

Feels like (apparent) temperature versus external air temperature measured, every 15 minutes.